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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

University of Delhi (DU) going green

The University of Delhi (DU) North Campus will provide free bicycles to students to commute within the campus from next academic session. This step certainly will add towards better care for our environment loaded with green house gases.
This will also help students in saving some pocket money as well as improving in health as cycling is considered one of the best exercises. Also those collegiate who commute via metro to north campus will be no more needed to bargain with rickshaw pullers.

The prices of taking a rickshaw in New Delhi cost almost equal to price of petrol; the supply of bicycles will also lessen the burden of parents towards monthly budget. Attending regular college in New Delhi is at least Rs 100/- a day affair, and half of this amount goes in commuting. Commuting via cycles to classes is fun; this step of Delhi University will certainly be a hot in next academic session.

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