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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

IIT Madras copycat robot

The RISE Group of Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory at IIT-Madras has developed a program which allows robot learn different tasks by observing natural human movements.
The project is headed by Pradyot KVN, a master’s degree student and Manimaran internees Anshul and Abhishek.

“It is understood that robots are going to exist alongside humans in the near future. Our aim was to come up with a robot that would interpret our gestures as communication and learn from them.

For instance, a simple sorting task is where I pick up different coloured balls and put them in separate baskets. When I point towards the basket, the robot mimics my action,” said Pradyot.

“We’ve done all this using a Microsoft Kinect. This pattern can be used in other domains of civilization. The robot will understand to push, pull or lift an object depending on if the ground is flat or a slope.

You don’t need to say a word, only a demonstration is enough. Dr Ravindran was our guide who helped us in this project.”

Pradyot said that his team’s human-robot interactive exercise has opened up a world of infinite possibilities. “Machines will treat us as teachers. We shall see them in the defence industry, then in domestic households, and they might take over the world one day.

Working with artificial intelligence has strengthened my belief in God — you need a force to hold things together. The human mind is a masterpiece, but it has to be the handiwork of a great designer,” the IIT student added.

Pradyot took part in Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University and European Workshop in Reinforcement Learning, Greece. Further, next FLAIRS Annual Conference will be held at Marco Island in Florida where Pradyot will showcase his Robotics skills.

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