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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Education sector is bread winner in average size Indian cities

The, one the noted job portal in India has done a survey regarding job opportunities in Indian cities. The finding suggests that education sector is becoming top job providers in smaller and mid sized cities which includes famous ones like Allahabad , Kochi and Nashik etc.
The cities like Kozhikode, Lucknow, and Visakhapatnam have registered 50% growth in job opportunities during first quarter of year 2012. The cities like Ranchi, Nasik, Allahabad, Nagpur and Kochi etc shown near 29% growth in job opportunities in education sector. Kolkata (32%) is the only metro to be featured amongst the top ten employment providers in education sector. Other major metros such as Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai registered minor single-digit growth in job opportunities in education sector, according to the study.

As a counterview we can say it other ways round; the growth of industrial sector especially near smaller cities is almost negligible when compared to number of jobs required in a year. Meanwhile, the level of education is rising up to some extent and thus the number of unemployed youth. To earn bread and butter for self and often times for the family, because of almost no availability of work options graduated and unemployed youth takes teaching and education as a career. Population explosion is still not controlled in Indian states and every year we get more number of pupils to study in schools and colleges leading to dense admission rush. Perhaps the rise in population and no availability of other work opportunities are also a contributing factor to rise in job opportunities in education sector near average sized smaller cities. The inflow of students’ population from neighboring areas to these cities is also a contributor.

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