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Friday, March 4, 2011

IGNOU’s new website for students and partners

IGNOU New Delhi has launched new website for students and Partner Institutions (PIs). The portal jointly developed by the Advanced Centre for Informatics and Innovative Learning and the International Division of the university in the Electronic and Media Production Centre. "From distance learning, we have come to distributed learning. The portal has a list of programmes currently on offer with all details; support services for registration and evaluation; a query management system and a space for interaction in the form of community blogs and discussion forums," the official said. "There is also a list of PIs that students can access by clicking on the relevant links," the official added.

IGNOU offers study programs for international students through 67 PIs based in different countries. At present there are more than 40 000 foreign students registered for different courses. According to one UNESCO report, IGNOU is the world’s largest university.
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