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Friday, February 4, 2011

GRE new version may be longer and tougher

GRE test takers beware, the exam is going to be overhauled from August 2011. The message is clear and simple, if you are university undergraduate planning to take GRE, tighten your belt! The new GRE will be longer and tougher than the present version; also the new GRE will use new scoring system making it more difficult. “these are the biggest changes in the history of GRE, said Weiss who leads GRE preparation classes for Kaplan Inc. The GRE is divided over 3 sections, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing. At presents verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning carries 200 – 800 points each, meanwhile under new pattern these will be 130 – 170 points each. In analytical writing area test takers are graded on a scale of 0 to 6. This will remain same in new GRE as well. Also the new GRE will be an hour longer. "The new test is more like the (Graduate Management Admission Test), which is the test for business schools," Weiss said. "They're trying to go after that market. More than 400 schools accept the GMAT or the GRE, and they're trying to make that number higher. They're making it with more higher-level reasoning questions because of that." Many business schools accepts both GRE and GMAT for admission.

Though there is reason to rejoice too; the new GRE will allow test takers to skip a question and attempt easy one first and then return to un-attempted question. This facility was not avail able in old pattern. Now test takers would also able to make changes in a marked answer and can use on screen calculator. "Right now, the computer works so that every time you get a question right, it's harder," Weiss said. "The new one is a multistage test. After a section of, say, 20 math questions, if you did really well, you get 20 harder ones, allowing you to improve your grade further." Harder question carry more points in GRE than easier ones. "There are a lot of advantages to taking the older test," Weiss said. "It's easier, more predictable — and you get your results fast enough for fall deadlines."

The August GRE Score shall not be out before November. Students who wish take admission in Fall Session must take the exam before they welcomed by new GRE in August. According to the website of Educational Testing Services, the delay is necessary to provide "necessary statistical analysis" of the new test.

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