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Monday, January 24, 2011

Parliamentary panel draws views and feedback on technical education

Chennai: Visiting team members of parliamentary committee formed for the of Unfair Practices in Technical Educational Institutions, Medical Education Institutions and Universities Bill Saturday, listens view and feedbacks of different groups of students, educationists and private universities’ members. The Bill mainly concern the collection of additional fees and capitation by educational institutions.

The meeting was not open for media but feedback reveled that panel has asked views of students on account of capitation fees, donation and other relevant issues. The universities which didn’t took part were asked to send their in written.

For example, the SASTRA University Vice Chancellor Sethuraman said in his reply; the issue in capitation fees was not lack of regulation the enforcement of it. Different governing bodies like AICTE, MCI, NCTE had rather spread these malpractices under their shield. On the issues of admission he stressed out how the concept of entrance examination has miserable failed. “A Constitution Bench of the SC, as early as 1981, accepted and observed that an entrance test facilitates assessment of comparative talent of students who come from diverse backgrounds. An entrance test will apply uniform standard and will make good the possible distortions that might creep due to varying evaluation metrics followed by different high-school examining authorities. The Bench made this observation when an institution regulated admission based on entrance test and not on qualifying marks.”

Source Express Buzzshare

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